Reviews of some of the Shows I've been in.

"FINGS AIN'T WOT THEY USED TO BE" at the Union Theatre


The central performances of Neil McCaul as Fred and Hadrian Delacey as Sgt Collins are convincing and committed, Delacey has a particularly strong voice. 

Johnny Fox - The Public Reviews


Hadrian Delacey 'fits the bill' nicely as the corrupt police inspector with an eye on Fred's business.


The London Theatre Guide Online- Peter Brown













Willmott is also responsible for the free adaptation of Vernes’ novel that introduces a Mormon with many wives (Farmer Hitch), sung with energy and power by Hadrian Delacey,

The Stage - Barbara Lewis


..humorous bad language - liberally wielded by Hadrian Delacey as a butch Butcher

The Stage - Barbara Lewis


Other knock-out songs include the thoroughly amusing Salt Lake City Song performed by the excellent Hadrian Delacey

London Fringe - Madeline Rose


Once again watch out for Hadrian Delacey as a profaning butcher in one of the better small roles

London Fringe - Madeline Rose







​In the last quarter of the show, three scenes thrillingly break into life and give us an idea of what could have been. First, the Las Vegas style King Herod is played with panache and aplomb by Hadrian Delacey

Whatsonstage - Editorial Staff


There was some light relief when Hadrian Delacey came on doing an all singing all dancing variety version of "King Herod's Song" and had everyone in stitches.


Theatre Royal Nottingham - Helen Jones


The show though was stolen as ever by Herod (Hadrian Delacey) whose pantomime character, bearing more than a passing resemblance to Batman's Joker lifts Jesus Christ Superstar out of the understandably depressing story-line as it continues to unfold.

Bristol Hippodrome - Kirsty Gardner







"JERRY SPRINGER THE OPERA" - Cambridge Theatre


Hadrian Delacey, an original chorus member, steps up to the even more difficult task of replacing David Bedella’s Olivier Award-winning Warm Up Man and Satan. Where Bedella was insinuating and even sexy, Delacey offers a portrait that is more smarmy and repellent, but it’s an equally valid interpretation.


Whatsonstage - Mark Shenton